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JoeThat’s a pretty strong title, I know. And I gotta be honest: I was hung up on using it at first. I didn’t want to sound like a snake-oil salesman when sharing how I reclaimed my life by discovering a pure, all-natural vitamin supplement that took me from injured, depressed and lazy to energized, active and happy.

You see, I’m not one to beat my chest when it comes to personal accomplishments. The fact is I’m more comfortable cheering from sidelines than standing in the spotlight. However, I was encouraged to let everyone in on my little energy secret. Now, it’s impossible for me to hide in the shadows.

I first realized I had something special when I shared my story with a few business-minded friends. They were blown away. They said my story was begging to be told and I should drive it home with a sledgehammer if necessary! One even said: "Joe, this is amazing. It’s one of the most inspiring stories I’ve read in ages, and you need to find a way to reach as many people as possible and fast. Who doesn’t want more energy?"



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Wow. Never in a gazillion years would I have guessed I’d be in a position to help people change their lives. But I didn’t have a clue about what to do next. I’m not too proud to admit I was overwhelmed and a bit scared. Sensing my reluctance, my business buddies suggested I share my story with a handful of their friends, and I was humbled by what I heard …

What’s the secret? I absolutely have to know!

I want more energy and I want it now. What do I have to do?

If it does even a fraction of what you say, I’ll be buying it for life.

The more pats on the back I got, the more my knees were knocking and my hands were shaking. I couldn’t help but ask myself: "Was my pain and despair part of the plan? Was my relentless quest for energy meant to help more than just me?" I started feeling like my purpose that was bigger than I originally thought.

So when I finished the first draft of this document, my advisors told me I shouldn’t be reserved. They said I should be bold when sharing the transformation that changed my life. Now I’m finally ready to share this story with you.

My Energy Levels Declined As I Got Older


First things first, a little background might be helpful. I’m a happy-go-lucky kinda guy. I’m not a marketing hotshot out to make a buck at the expense of other people. I don’t stand out in a crowd based on the clothes I wear, the car I drive or the neighborhood I live in. I’m just an average Joe who had a not-so-average experience that transformed my life. And when I say "average Joe" I mean just that: my name is Joe Blumenstein! I live in South Florida with my wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters. I work for a sales company where I’m recognized by my peers, clients and managers as an honest and reputable guy who does whatever it takes to keep clients happy. This work ethic provides me with a rewarding career and my family with a comfortable middleclass lifestyle. I absolutely love life and I treasure spending quality time with my family and friends.


I have been a nurse in the ICU of a hospital in Hialeah for 16 years.

I have been taking the "product" for about 4 months now. During that time I have noticed a remarkable difference in the amount of energy I have during my day at work. I feel less tired and more energetic even when the stresses of the job pile up.

The other remarkable thing I have noticed, is that even though many of my coworkers have gotten sick I have not had any health problems to speak of. I feel wonderful.
Patricia Naranjo
Pembroke Pines, FL


So what’s wrong with this picture? Sounds like I’ve got everything going for me, right? Almost. I still wince a bit when I hear myself say these words: I’m 52 years old. Don’t get me wrong, 52 is young, young, young! I don’t have a problem with the number at all. What frightened me a few years ago was how I felt as I get older. While my mind saw an energetic 20-year-old, my body screamed 50-going-on-100! My growing list of aches and pains kept reminding me I was racing toward the golden years faster than I wanted to admit.

Growing up, I was probably a lot like you. I wasn’t a hard-core athlete, but I was active. I knew a sensible diet and regular exercise would help me live a long and happy life. I started running in 1976, and enjoyed the endorphin rush a good run delivered. Not only was it great for my body, it invigorated my mind, too – just me, my thoughts and the open road. But as I got older, my body didn’t recover as quickly. The little pains that used to take days to heal were now taking a week or longer.


 "I simply didn’t have the energy I used to, which
made it more and more difficult to stay active."


When I was younger, I took my running routine for granted and never imagined the day when it would be a chore. You see, my passion for running never went away. As I got older, I simply didn’t have the energy I used to, which made it more and more difficult to stay active. Instead of being inspired and energized by a run, I started feeling drained and tired.


A Severe Injury Was Just The
Wake-Up Call That I Needed


As luck would have it, the worst and best thing that ever happened to me occurred in December 2003. A water skiing accident left me with a severe spinal cord injury, and I needed to have two vertebrae fused together in my neck. At the time, it was a tragic event in my life. The pain was excruciating and I was immobilized for weeks. Instead of my usual routine, I was bed-ridden and lazy. I was depressed and not good company for my wife, daughters, family or friends. It was no picnic listening to me wallow in my despair and self-pity. I was an emotional mess the entire year it took me to recover.


I am a letter carrier in Ohio,and I work in all sorts of weather conditions.

I also walk 8 miles a day, so I'm always looking for a little extra energy.

Your product is every bit as good as advertised.
Shawn Reed
Wellington, OH


While this is injury was obviously a tough pill for me to swallow at this time in my life, it was a blessing in disguise because it put me on a path of revitalization. Before the injury and surgery, I was feeling more and more fatigued and, therefore, apathetic about running. I started telling myself, "this is part of aging, Joe, so get used to it."

Toward the end of my recovery, my wife knocked some sense into me with one simple phrase: "Stop acting like a baby, Joe." She was right. I had a choice to make: Accept that aging was getting the best of me and cope with it or find a way to restore my energy and get back on track. My friends and family helped me regain a more positive outlook, but it wasn’t their influence that pushed me down the path I ultimately went.


I Discovered My Fountain Of Youth


So what pushed me to start making changes in my life? I was driving to work and heard a radio ad for a vitamin supplement that restores energy. Boom! Out of the blue, that particular message hit me hard. I suddenly realized what had been declining wasn’t my desire but my energy. While my mind was saying "let’s go for a run," my body was saying "sorry, pal, there’s nothing left in the tank."


"It took a month for me to notice the difference, but I definitely had more energy, and I have stayed healthy.

I suffer from Barrett's Syndrome, which has chronic heartburn as a side effect. My heartburn has all but gone away. I feel great."
Sharon Dolitsky
Davie, FL


At this point, it would have been just as easy to give up and accept whatever the future had in store for me. But I couldn’t get that radio ad out of my head. I heard it again the next day and wrote down the number. A phone call later, I placed an order and was looking forward to my first shipment. While I wasn’t expecting miracles, I was hoping for a boost that would kick-start my energy. I wasn’t skeptical, I was hopeful. I wanted this to be the tipping point, so I waited with much anticipation for the product to arrive.


"I felt different within a week. I had more energy!"


When it did, I scoured the label. I should mention that I’m detailed-oriented, so I wanted to understand what I was putting in my body. I liked what I read, so I started taking it. I felt different within a week. I had more energy!

This was a magical moment. Was it really that simple? Could taking a supplement really restore my energy? My inquisitive nature put me on a path of discovery. I was like a dog with a bone when it came to learning, I just couldn’t get enough. I visited health stores and chatted with the folks on the floor. I talked to my doctor and was encouraged to stay the course if it raised my energy. I was a Google maniac spending nights and weekends scouring the Internet for more, more, more! It wasn’t long before I became a product guru.


Just to let you know, I have been taking 'your product' since November, and have felt much better energy wise and stamina wise.

I recently called to ask a question, and was told customer service would call me back.

I was surprised that Joe himself called to answer my question. Thank you for your product and answering my question!
Steve Palasics
Cleveland, OH


I was so jazzed, I called one manufacturer and spoke to a big-wig to learn more about how the product was made. I eventually learned there were different grades of effectiveness based on the source quality and manufacturing process. Logic said if the source was pure and all-natural and the process was clean, the product would be even better. So, I sought to find the best possible source available.


I Built A Better Mousetrap
That Will Change Your Life


After weeks of searching, I can honestly say that no manufacturer on the planet delivered a 100% pure, 100% all-natural product. I was shocked. If the stuff works, why not get the most effective product possible into the hands of people who need it most? It made no sense that no one was laying claim to manufacturing a 100% pure, 100% all-natural product.

So I decided to up the ante.

I left no stone unturned while searching for a pure, all-natural source. After scouring the ends of the earth, I found only one – that’s right, one. I was dying to see if my hunch was right: Would a pure, all-natural product deliver a higher level of energy?

Bingo! The effect was exactly what I thought it would be: more energy!!! After a few weeks, honest to God, I truly felt younger! Remember, this is all-natural. No impurities, no fillers, no preservatives, no synthetics, just 100% Mother Nature.

In a matter of weeks, I was re-energized. The bounce was back in my step and I started taking a spin class at my gym. Within six months, I was rocking with the best spinners in class! I also was sleeping better, and I felt more rested in the morning. I was ready to rock n’ roll the moment my feet hit the floor! The stress was gone, too. And best of all, I felt a greater sense of well-being.


" I cannot begin to explain how happy I was this morning, for the first time in twenty one years I was thrilled and surprised to the fact that I was on my menstrual cycle with no pain. This time I had no notice at all.

NO PAIN, NO SYMPTOMS, NO NOTHING just SURPRISE!!!!! ...Thank you so much for this product. "
Mirna Hernandez
Miami, FL


Six months earlier, I was ready to throw in the towel and become a coach potato. I’m so glad I heard that radio ad and obsessively followed my curious instincts!

Will Mikey Like It?

The next step was seeing if other people would get the same energy boost I did. So I started sharing my secret with family and friends. As you probably guessed, the reaction was overwhelming. Everyone had the same response: They felt energized. It wasn’t long before friends were telling friends and I found my 100% pure, 100% all-natural product in demand.


"I realized there were thousands of people going through the same situation I did: They weren’t active because they lacked energy."


The more I shared the more positive feedback I got. People were telling me their lives were changing thanks to me. I realized there were hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people going through the same situation I did: They weren’t active because they lacked energy. I started thinking many of these people would benefit from my experience. After all, I did the research and found a solution that worked for me. Why shouldn’t I share it with everyone?

I don’t have the financial resources to mass advertise, but I firmly believe this supplement will energize anyone who takes it. So the next big challenge was getting the word out. I know very little about Internet marketing, but I’m fortunate that I know people who do, which is why you’re reading this letter right now!


Is it Really That Good? You Bet it is!


Wondering why I haven’t mentioned the product yet? The answer is simple: The competition isn’t going to be happy with the fact my product is better than theirs! I can’t compete right now with the big-budget companies that advertise all over. But I have a few things going for me they don’t: My inspiring story, a 100% pure and all-natural alternative, and a legion of clients who swear by my product.

Another reason for all the "hush-hush" is I want to make sure you are truly interested. I want you to be as excited as I was when I heard that first radio ad. I want to hear from you only if you really want more energy. In all honesty, I want to hear from people just like me.

Remember, this is an all-natural product that’s been around for thousands of years. All I did was take advantage of an opportunity no one else saw. I didn’t reinvent the wheel, I simply built a better mousetrap.


If you are interested in learning more RIGHT NOW, fill out the information below and I will send you directly to my website.

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"I’ve reactivated a healthy lifestyle for myself
and want to help you do the same."

I’m excited about the opportunity to you restores your vitality. I’ve reactivated a healthy lifestyle for myself and want to help you do the same.

I look forward to hearing from you, too. So fill out the info below, go to my site and give the product a try. After a few weeks, send me an email with your phone number so I can talk to you. Nothing fires me up more than talking to people who try it and feel the same way I do.

If you’re lacking energy, there’s no time like the present to do something about it. This is the real deal, so give it a try and send me an email. I look forward to talking to you real soon!

Joe Blumenstein






P.S. I’m absolutely convinced you will have more energy after trying my product. So much so, I’m offering a 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and energy to gain. Why wait another day? Go to my website NOW and order my product at no risk.

Go to my website NOW and order my product at no risk.

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Still Not Convinced?   

Here Are a Few More Testimonials From People Just Like You....


"My husband and i both love 'your product'. We swear by them. They are the best...."
Mike & Yvonne Zahurak
Southington, Ohio


"This is my 2nd reorder of your product and I am a user for life. I definitely can tell the difference when I take it versus not!!"
Kevin Kirkpatrick
Acworth, GA


I appreciate the "coaching". I really do. I have been taking "your product" now for just a month and a day.

Two days ago I was telling a friend I hadn't seen in awhile, "I feel better now than I have in the last 10 years...I can't really put my finger on it but I just feel pretty good."

His reply, "you look like you do."

It must be "your Product". I will continue them as I gotta believe I am just on the beginning edge of what they can do for me.

Bruce Mencer
Massilon, OH


"After two weeks, I felt less tired and more energetic, which helps me tremendously during my 12-hour shifts at my EMS job."
Aaron Young
Lakewood, OH



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Not everyone will give me their email address. And you know what? That’s okay. If you’re fit as a fiddle and exercising regularly, you probably haven’t read this far anyway! But if you’re still reading, it’s because you’re looking for answers. Maybe other things you’ve tried just haven’t worked and you’re frustrated. Maybe you’re finally ready to take control and you’re looking for something to get you going. And maybe, just maybe, this letter is just what the doctor ordered and you’ll respond to it like I did to the radio ad.

It boils down to this: If you’re feeling sluggish, need an energy boost and want to take control of your overall well-being, then my product will help you. In fact, I bet you’ll feel a difference in only a few weeks. It’s a bet you can’t lose because of my 100% money back guarantee!

I only wish I knew about this when I was 20 years younger! The good news for you is I’ve done the countless hours of homework and found a solution that can help you restore your energy right now. Fill out your name and email below and start getting the energy you need to live a healthy and happy life. I look forward to hearing from you real soon!